Day 7 – Very Nice, But…

Last night’s gig was at a very nice venue on a very nice stage with a very nice sound guy and the pay was very nice. Our hotel was very nice. We played nice and had some nice scotch.

But… there was literally no one in the crowd. We played two sets to an empty room. It was a nice rehearsal.

Setting up for a nice show with a nice stage.

Nice menu 4 artists!

Personally I’d rather make a little less bread, have better promotion, and play for a small crowd who are into the music. This was the first show where that didn’t happen.

Kevin and I were talking earlier about what a privilege it is to be able to do these tours and how they would never happen if not for people like Veronika, Helmut, Paul, Beth, Tom, Michael (you’ll meet him later) and all the other people who support and help us over here. Not to mention those who are watching over our lives back home while we are away (thanks for taking care of the house and the dog, Olivia!). The idea that we are self sufficient is a myth. It’s good to be independent and capable, but I think it’s important to always remember that we don’t really survive all alone. So thank you to everyone who allows us to make this trip. We really are very lucky, and tonight we get to play at one of our favorite venues. Kulturpunkt Flavil!


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