Alex Anest is an in-demand music instructor who loves working one-on-one to help his students realize their potential. He has maintained a teaching studio in the Ann Arbor area for the past three decades and many of his students have gone on to have successful music careers of their own. As a teacher Alex enjoys helping his students with technique, repertoire, theory, and developing good habits. This is not just a side project for Alex – he loves teaching and believes that it is important for musicians to pass their musical experience and perspective on to future generations. Stylistically, he is comfortable working with all genres of music. Alex has had a number of mentors in his own development so he understands how important it is to find a good teacher. In addition to private lessons, Alex has coached many youth jazz, rock, and pop ensembles, and this is another area where his experience as a performing musician comes in to play. Alex has also been on the faculty of a number of music schools and arts organizations including DIME Detroit, Chelsea Center for the Arts, Community Music School of Detroit, Community Music School of Ann Arbor, and the Ann Arbor Music Center.

Contact Alex here for lessons.


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