What’s in Stock?

I don’t usually have pedals in stock, but right now I have a Fuzz, a Compressor, and a Boost. They are all for sale so contact me if you are interested. Here they are, sitting on my workbench. I’m nearly out of parts for the Fuzz and the Cream Tangerine Compressor and after that they will be available by special order only.



2 thoughts on “What’s in Stock?

  1. Manuel

    Hi Alex, I reached out to you about the boost pedal a few months ago. I stumbled across one and I love it, but I can’t seem to find any info on it online. It looks exactly like the black pedal on the right in the picture above and I’m wondering what sort of boost it is. It gives me this nasty (in the best way!) sort of octave, fuzz-like tone when placed in front of my dirty amps. It’s definitely not a clean boost, and it sounds excellent. Hope it’s ok to reach out and ask, as I don’t want to be a nuisance. Anyway, I love the pedal and I always keep an eye out for any PCE pedals; I’m hoping to find one of your fuzzes sometime soon. Hope you’re well. Thanks!


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