I’m usually involved in a number of projects but I try to keep my focus to one or two main groups at a time. Currently I am working with the Alex Anest Organ Trio and Gayelynn McKinney and McKinney Zone. You can hear these groups as well as some of my other music on YouTube. You can also pre-purchase my upcoming vinyl only release, Live at the BLUE LLAMA Vol. 2, through Kickstarter.

Other groups I currently play with include Kat Steih, Ryan Racine, Bluewater Kings, and Kevin Meisel. Bands I used to play with include Nomad, The Ann Arbor Guitar Trio, Klezmephonic, Khalid Hanifi, Nessa, Bucktown Kickback, Ryan Racine and Gas for Less, Delta 88, Giraffe, Secret 7, Another Grand Design, and Vailcode.