Phoenix Custom Electronics

I no longer make effect pedals. I’ve been too busy with teaching and playing. I still service the occasional PCE product that needs some care, and I may occasionally make a pedal or two, but it’s quite rare.  Phoenix Custom Electronics was a one-man enterprise aimed at making great sounding stompboxes. Each pedal was hand built and tested by me and was based on taking a classic stompbox which is no longer in production (such as the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face) and improving on the design in a way that allows you to get the classic tone you’ve been looking for along with some useful variations. It was a joy and an honor to make pedals for people all over the world and to know that they were and are using those pedals to make great music. If you own a PCE product it still has a lifetime warranty regardless of whether you are the original owner. There are about 500 PCE pedals in the world and about 200 are Lady Stardusts, 100 are Rangers, and 300 are everything else.




11 thoughts on “Phoenix Custom Electronics

  1. Damian

    I bought a cream tangerine used off reverb. And when I got it I opened it up to see that it was a general guitar gadgets circuit board (a modded orange squeeze of course). I was just wondering if this was your original build (I know I should have asked for gut shots before I bought it) as I see a lot of your other pedals were built on bread board. I just want to know if this is how it was originally built. Thank you

    1. alexanest Post author

      Yes, I started out that way. Especially with the more complicated circuits. I’m sure it’s original. Can you tell me the serial number? Send pics?

  2. Richard Cianflone

    Hello, Alex!
    I sold you a guitar some years back (TV Yellow Gibson Custom ’61 SG), and you were kind enough to send me a PCE Ranger to Beta Test (w/ OC44 trans.); and I have to tell you it’s still the BEST Rangemaster-type pedal I’ve ever heard! How are you? Still have the SG?
    Hope All Is Well With You During These Challenging Times.
    All The Best My Friend!
    Rich C.

  3. alexanest Post author

    Rich, you must be thinking of my partner Sam. He sold a lot of the pedals for me and was the guy who made many of our contacts. Do you still have the pedal? Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Manuel

    Hey Alex,

    I’m not sure if you still check this blog, but I figured it’s worth a shot. I bought a Phoenix Custom Electronics pedal on ebay awhile back and I was hoping you could tell me a little about it, if it’s not too much trouble. It’s a black enclosure with two knobs (output and gain) with two TAB chord diagrams on it: a D minor on the left and a B major on the right. right below the footswitch it says, “Phoenix Custom Electronics”. It’s an interesting little fuzz/boost and I really dig it, but it’s a complete mystery to me. Hate to bother you, but I really can’t find anything on it online!

    Anyway, hope you and your loved ones are well with everything that’s going on. Thanks in advance!



      1. Manuel

        Thanks for getting back to me, Alex! I really appreciate it. Looking up the circuit and transistors, it seems like it might be a rangemaster but with silicon transistors? It’s got this fuzzy, quality to it that I love. The serial is 559 FRC4 J24J, I believe? It’s a bit faded.

        Thanks again for you time!


  5. tzsa

    hi alex! i have had your creation for the past 8 yrs.know very little of it,except its powered by 2 x cv7003…i am the sunny island of singapore. the pedal serial number is 165f41f 3b..
    can you tell me more bout it?

    1. alexanest Post author

      Hi! That pedal was the 165th pedal I ever built out of a total of 562. It was completed on the 3rd of June of 2006. It was the 41st Fuzz pedal I ever built out of a total of 79. I hope you are enjoying it!

  6. Thomas Dierks

    Hello, Iam the original owner of Supa-Dupa #1. Unfortunately it’s been out of my hands for a while and needs a look over and put back to original order. It powers on and works but the optional inputs no longer work as they should. Would you be willing to work on this for me?
    Thanks, Thom


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