Does Anyone Have a Problem With Fog on Stage?

Real Music Club was a trip. I’m not sure if it was a good show or not. The place was packed. There was rock n roll lighting and a fog machine. No, really. We tried to play some mellow tunes but the crowd was crazy for rock. Every time we would play fast and loud they would scream, so we rocked them for an hour and then through two encores. When they heard the first line of My Little Runaway they completely lost it. I actually felt that my playing last night was sub par, which is strange on the road. Usually my best playing happens on tour. So I will be practicing my scales a bit more, making sure I know where all of my G sharps are. Note to students; I will be home in a week. Have you been practicing??
The audience didn’t notice my mediocre guitar skills. They bought a bunch of CDs and were quite happy with the show. It was the day before the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and we spent it in what used to be East Germany. I remember as a kid wondering what it would be like to play music behind the Iron Curtain. Now there is no such thing.
We are off to Leipheim, Germany. Yesterday I got the van up to 170 km/h on the autobahn. But only for a minute. 140 is a comfortable cruising speed. Keith is driving, so I’m the navigator. More later. Check out the previous post for live video from Emma!


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