Interlude – We’re Never Ever Late

The best time for sound check is very very early. Today we loaded in and finished sound check at 4:00. Now we can relax.

We had an amazing breakfast with Michel and Marco and his partner Doris and his daughter and her daughter. We’ve had so much great hospitality on this tour!

Marco’s daughter is not pictured because she is taking the photo.

Then we headed out to the Rheinfall, now under the protection of a scurvy pirate and two of Tom Luley’s albatross sculptures.

I bet you’d love to see amazing photos of the Rheinfall but I forgot my phone. I’ll get them from Serge asap. I know he got some great photo and video.

Here are a few other fave photos of us playing.

I’ll post about tonight’s show later, but this venue is in a cool old warehouse that has been a bar, some theatre and workshop spaces, and some rehearsal rooms. It’s called Eisenwerk.


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