Day 13 – Naming Posts is Hard

Yesterday we went into Schaffhausen for a stop at our favorite Swiss music store (Saitensprung) and a trip to Munot.

Then back home to Marco’s for a nap. Marco also made us a “Texas” breakfast. I guess he’s spent a fair amount of time in Texas because it was delicious. We’ve received so much amazing hospitality on this tour.

In the evening we played a little house concert for only about ten or twelve people at the home of Michel, a long time fan of Kevin’s music. Although it was a small crowd we had a great time and sold a bunch of CDs. Musically, the high point of the evening was a haunting, very mellow version of Kevin’s song “Country Lines.”

Michel’s 14 year old son has turned a spare room into a store for his homemade cards and candles. I did a little shopping after the show. I should have taken some pictures but last night I was truly exhausted.

We’re leaving this region in a few hours and we’ve got three shows to go. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to Ann Arbor.


1 thought on “Day 13 – Naming Posts is Hard

  1. Florrie

    I like the look of the place, it reminds me of lots of places I’ve been. I hope you get to relax a little when you get home.


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