Day 12 – Redemption!

Schaffhausen has always been good to us. Kevin and I were bummed when we heard that dolder2, the bar run by our friend Tom Luley, had been torn down. Fortunately, Tom was able to set up a show for us in a place called Fasskeller, which means “barrel cellar” because it has a half barrel sort of shape, much like Johnny’s Speakeasy.

Tom, Simone, Kevin and me. I have another photo of the four of us from 14 years ago.

We arrived in Schaffhausen after a late and extremely tasty breakfast prepared for us by Christopher, one of the chefs at restaurant Traube Mult. He’s from Poland and he sat and ate with us. It was a great way to begin the day.

I’m happy to be able to say that in Schaffhausen we played an excellent show for a very receptive crowd. After the gig at Mult I was worried that we might be doomed to suck for 6 shows. The vibe was back and we were all tight and connected. We played “Ballad of the Parted Ones,” which we skip most nights. Tabea showed up to sing with us again. We skipped “Crimson and Clover.”

After the gig we went out for a drink and then home to our host Marco’s house. I was driving (I’m not on the rental contact) and we got stopped at a police checkpoint. Fortunately, Marco was with us and he told the cops that we were musicians coming home from a gig. Also, I had skipped the alcohol because I was the DD. So we were fine.

We’re staying for two days at Marco’s place while we play some shows in the Schaffhausen area. It’s nice to have a home base for a minute.


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