Day 11 – You Can’t Win Them All

Our eleventh day on the road was very relaxed. We took a few hours in the late morning to go to the natural thermal springs at Bad Ragaz for some much needed soaking. It was a luxury we have never had time for in the past, but since we played in Maienfeld it was just a ten minute drive. We returned to the home of Andreas and Cici just in time for their 11 year old daughter Monique to help us load out the gear.

My roadie Monique. She came home from school just in time!

It was a short drive to Gossau for our 11th gig in a restaurant that is run by Beth Wimmer’s husband Pascal. Restaurant Traube Mult is in a building that dates back to 1736. The ceilings were about 5’8″ high.

After load in and sound check we were treated to an amazing dinner by Pascal and his partners.

The actual show was pretty rough. The crowd enjoyed it but it was our worst playing on the tour. I think we are all very tired and worn out, even with our relaxing day. We sounded best on the mellow tunes, and I sang lead on “Crimson and Clover”. We all got good sleep after the show so I’m hopeful that we will get it together for show number 12. It’s difficult to be on night after night. I think next time we should plan a day or two off.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – You Can’t Win Them All

  1. kemeisel

    No, no, NO. (A) There is no time for a schvitz while on tour, and (2) a schvitz is NOT REPRESENTED in ‘How to Tour, According to Me.’ No wonder it was a lousy show, you testing fate and all. Geez!


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