Day 9 – Over and Over

I’m keeping this one short. Sumiswald is an adorable little town where they make the clocks for Swiss railways. It also has a world renowned brass instrument factory (Hirsbrunner). Our hotel is over 500 years old.

We played a single long set on a three band bill. The first “band” was Beth Wimmer. I joined her on “Harvest Moon” by some Canadian guy. Then we played our long set to a loud crowd. I had a blast, it was definitely our most rocking show so far. I love singing harmonies now and never want to stop, though I don’t think I would give myself more than about a C when it comes to my harmonizing abilities.

The third act was a straight up rock band called Bubi Eifach. They were really good and sang in Swiss German. A lot of the crowd seemed to know their songs. It was fun being at a rock show!

There’s a lot of snow here. While I’m dealing with non-sequiturs I should mention that Serge found my lost sock in his laundry. Also it should be noted that we made it through customs without even having to show our passports at all both leaving and returning to Switzerland. Finally, I have bought no gifts and no postcards. I haven’t even seen a postcard.

Today we drive to Maienfeld for a house concert. Back to the mellow shows!


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