Day 10 – Maienfeld

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Sumiswald. On the way out of town we took a detour through the fog where I took some footage for the opening scene of a horror film…

Fortunately we are under the protection of a scurvy pirate.

We drove into Maienfeld for an early house concert organized by friends of Beth. Andreas and Cici had seen us play last time we were in Switzerland. The place was packed and there was barely enough room for the band.

Distance from audience area to stage area = -18cm.

We played two sets as usual, leaving a few songs off. We didn’t play “Crimson and Clover.” Maybe next time.

This tour is winding down. So far it’s gone pretty smoothly. We’ve had good food, good company, good gigs, and no major malfunctions. I’m looking forward to getting back home. Tours are simultaneously long and short. The beginning of this trip seems like ages ago but at the same time I feel like we just got here.


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