Night 8 – Why We Do What We Do

Perfect night. After working out our version of “Crimson and Clover,” our hosts at Kulturpunkt Flawil fed us an amazing vegan dinner up in the loft. The Geissberger family (Rita, Ralph, and Ananda) are wonderful people. We played to a very appreciative audience. The vibe here is intimate and everything just felt right. We had great sound thanks to Florian. There was a lot of love in the room. Beth joined us for a few tunes. She sings backup vocals on about four tunes. We do three part harmonies on a couple as well. I never knew how good it feels to harmonize with someone!

After the show we had to celebrate Ralph’s birthday. We had already had a few drinks and after the champagne we decided we were too drunk to drive. So instead we walked up the hill to the house where we are sleeping. We got lost a bit, but if you’ve never gotten drunk and walked up a steep hill covered in black ice in a small Swiss town with your bandmates, you’re definitely missing out. Eventually we found the place and our hosts (Hilarie and Rätus) had made three beds up for us. And for breakfast they made us waffles! We had an excellent morning chatting and eating before hitting the road for Sumiswald.

Celebrating Ralph’s birthday with Rita, Ananda, and Florian.

Breakfast with Rätus and Hilarie. And Mary.


1 thought on “Night 8 – Why We Do What We Do

  1. Florrie

    I have an experience close to that. It sounds like a wonderful day. I’m happy you have gotten to have these experiences. We should try to get The Kevin Meisel Trio to Japan.


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