Day 8 – Just Do a Thing. You Know. Whatever.

A few days ago we were listening to Serge’s iPod in the van. “Baby Britain” by Elliott Smith came on. The lyrics for verse three:

The light was on but it was dim

Revolver’s been turned over

And now it’s ready once again

The radio was playing “Crimson and Clover”

We had been bouncing a few ideas around for a cover to learn on the road and I suggested we try doing “Crimson and Clover.” Well, as it turned out we had a few extra hours in this beautiful loft space where we are playing tonight. We were set up by two and started running some tunes of Kevin’s that aren’t on the current set. After that we listened to the original version of “Crimson and Clover” (the Joan Jett version is not on Spotify), and we had it worked out pretty well in about an hour. It’s a song that I have loved since I was six and I’m glad that we are adding it to the set. It’s traditional for us to learn a tune or two on the road. Past highlights include “And Your Bird Can Sing,” “Norwegian Wood,” and “Born to Run.”

A note for those keeping score (Keith); we have played a few tunes that are not on the set list. “Sweet Jane” (Innsbruck), “Dead Flowers” (most nights as our last tune), “I Still Miss Someone” (most nights to start the second set), and “If I Needed You” (Tabea just started playing it in Stäfa so we joined in). Songs that we have not yet played that are on the set list include “Into Nothing,” “Hark the Heart and the Arrow,” and “Fourth of July.” “The Lonesome Widow and I” and “Ballad of the Parted Ones” have not been played since Stäfa. I’ll keep you all apprised of any other additions as we go.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Just Do a Thing. You Know. Whatever.

  1. kemeisel

    Always one of my favorite things, that – the mid-tour cover arrangement. Funny about ‘Hark the Heart and the Arrow’ getting excluded. It must just not fit, as it was always such a fun, raucous song to tear through… Oh, and I could have guessed that Dead Flowers would have made an appearance 🙂


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