Day 5 – The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Brutally Cold

Yesterday (Day 5) was a great day. The drive into Innsbruck was beautiful. Innsbruck is basically surrounded by mountains so we got lots of excellent views of the Alps. Our hotel is north of downtown, halfway up the mountain.

The view from Gasthof Ölberg.

After a short rest we headed back down to the venue for sound check, where I was electrocuted when I tried to sing and play guitar at the same time. Don’t touch the mic while touching your strings if you ever gig at Cafe Brennpunkt. It’s a lovely little cafe under the viaduct.

Around 6:30 we walked over to our hosts’ house for dinner. Veronika, her father Helmüt, and her mother Elizabeth treated us to a delicious meal of salad and spinatknödel.

After dinner with the Berchtold family.

It was about a ten minute walk back to Brennpunkt for our show. It’s very cold here at the moment. We played a pretty standard first set, but then on the set break a group of Americans and Kiwis who had been at our sound check came back and turned our second set into a dance party!

We had to add a few tunes to the set to keep them dancing but it was an absolute blast!

After the show I was too tired to blog. I’m writing this post at Bubble Point, a laundromat. We’re just over 1/4 of the way through this tour so it’s a good time to do laundry. This morning (Day 6) we drove into Innsbruck and played for the students at a little Waldorf school. I’ll post pics when I get them but it was fun to sit and play a little acoustic set and answer questions from the students.

We’ve definitely hit our stride. The tunes are feeling effortless and sounding better each night. I love touring.


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