Night 3 – Tom and Tom and Tom

We’re starting to settle into the tour nicely. We’ve worked out the van packing issues, figured out how to navigate, learned our sound system, and as a result today was largely uneventful. We left Sils i.D this morning at 11 and arrived at our hotel around 1pm. Sometimes our GPS tells us to exit the freeway and drive aimlessly around some back roads, and sometimes it tells us to turn left on a road that is actually an overpass and therefore not accessible, but other than that everything was great.

Esse Bar is a jazz club and the room sounds great. Tom and Tom are the owners, and Tom is an amazing cook. After sound check we were served our best meal of the tour so far. It was some sort of Thai inspired rice, vegetable, and chicken dish.

As far as the music, we played and sang really well and we had two wonderful guests. Aaron Till from Nashville joined us on fiddle for three tunes and killed it. I love having two soloists because we can bounce ideas off of each other, and Aaron is a natural at sharing space that way. He’s a master player and really made the evening fun. Beth joined us again and we were able to get some three part harmony going. Her voice is superb and she’s probably going to be at 2 or 3 more shows. We had a crowd of familiar faces in the room, people who have seen us over the years and know all the songs. Tom from Dolder 2 showed up as well. Dolder 2 is a club that we always play at but it’s closed now. It felt good to play for an interested audience in a good sounding room. Tomorrow we head into Germany for the Illertal Cowboys Club. Last time we played there it was a bit of a let down, but perhaps this time it will be better!

The guys relaxing at our hotel room in Sils.


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