Day 2 – We’re Never Late

Last night we finally got some sleep. The first show was on a wonderful stage right by lake Zurich. We had professional sound and played for a small crowd of appreciative people. We were joined on stage by two guest vocalists, Beth Wimmer and Tabea Anderfuren. It was my first time ever singing harmony live with Kevin and that part of the show was a blast. Overall we played really well, especially considering our exhausted state.

I’ll make a post of photos soon as well.

Rock’nRoll scripture for Day 1: I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink.

My rig for this tour. The amp and speaker fit into the case along with all cables and effects.

The rest of the rig.

This morning we picked up our PA and some paperwork from Paul, who runs our label. Then we drove on to our second gig. We’re currently relaxing in our hotel and about to leave for sound check.

Hotel Post in Sils im Domleschg.


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