Day 0 – Eleven Pounds Must Go

As I write this I’m in a plane over Great Britain with 2 hours to go on the first leg of our flight. The trip is so far uneventful, though we did run into a snag at the airport when Serge’ s bag was over the maximum allowable weight. We were told to get rid of eleven pounds of stuff. Fortunately we were able to stuff five pounds of cables (2 extension cords, 2 instrument cables, and a mic cable) into Serge’s road case. The remaining 7 pounds were distributed amongst our already full carry on luggage. Once we got to the gate I asked the desk clerk if we could pre board with our instruments. We were able to carry our guitars and the electric bass on to the plane. Today’s rock’n’roll scripture: “Take a load off Annie and put the load right on me. ”

Everything I need for the next two weeks…


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