Day Six – Gwolb

Good morning. We sold a lot of CDs last night! Which is good. That definitely helps with expenses.
Gwolb is a fun place but a bit boomy. It was hard to hear how we sounded but the crowd seemed to like it.

Keith continues to refine his van packing skills. He explained to me that he is as excited about packing the van as I am about playing the shows.
There was a giant dog named Eros at Gwolb.


Also there was Hans-Jurg, Kevin’s six and a half foot tall swiss doppelganger. He’s a really kind person who also enjoys crushingly painful handshakes.

Back at the hotel we photographed our contracts. We will toss the hard copies so that we don’t get held up at the border when we cross into Germany tomorrow. We are not technically allowed to play for pay over here.

Some of the videos that Emma made are surfacing online! I’ll try to get some posted publicly soon.
Off to have breakfast and then a short drive to Schaffhausen, where we play at our friend Tom’s club, Dolder 2. I should have most of the day to relax, stroll around town, maybe buy a birthday gift for my son who is twelve today.


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