Day Three – Hitting Our Stride

After three days on the road we are starting to fall into the familiar routine. Eat, drive, sound check, eat, play, sleep. Beth is from California. In Switzerland the standard breakfast is cheese, bread, and coffee, so it was nice when she made us scrambled eggs. We hit the road around noon, driving from tiny, gorgeous Frumsen to the city of Winterthur. The club we played at is a jazz club called Esse Bar. It’s a beautiful venue, though we were warned by the owner that Monday is “death night”. Apparently that means it’s hard to get a crowd. We actually did pretty well, with the place about 75% full with a very appreciative audience.
As far as the actual show went, I felt like it was our best yet. The playing was solid and confident all around. A high point for me was the first of two encores where we played our version of Del Shannon’s “My Little Runaway.”
We play it slower and way darker. Kevin described it as having a Crazy Horse vibe. I think I agree.
The tour is going well. We’ve gotten lost but not completely. Shows are sounding good and people are showing up. We’re selling CDs. We’re having fun!1103142211


1 thought on “Day Three – Hitting Our Stride

  1. florrie

    I’m glad to hear the shows are going well but I’m not surprised, you band members are very talented and has the goat following. How could you not be successful?


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